Why You Shouldn’t Use Makeup, Creams, and Lotions!

Why You Shouldn’t Use Makeup, Creams, and Lotions!

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the breathing is good to do at every
moment try to be mindful of our breathing that’s hard to do when we’re
rushing around and we’re doing jobs here and there and running errands and so
forth how can we be mindful of our breathing that’s why we have to be
mindful every moment of our lives that means being aware that we’re breathing
in and out deep breathing don’t forget that the earth is sphere it’s never fly
hey hey I couldn’t care less because the animals need our attention you need us
to go vegan because they don’t want any excuses so today’s video is I’ve got
that now well that’s what happens when you make jokes and cracks and the
beginning of the video oh yeah I have it now baby I know what I want to say so
basically I wanted to say and I wanted to talk about makeup today and I wanted
to talk about this this sexist thing called makeup now if you if as person
wears makeup and it’s cruelty free it’s vegan makeup you know as long as it’s
very very minimal you know I would say you know that’s not not a problem
very minimal once in a while but if you rely on makeup every single day to cover
up your true beauty then you really don’t like how you look plain and simple
you don’t love yourself the way you are you always need to cover up your face
with something to mask the true being who you are so let me share with you my feelings about
makeup and we’re the only species on this earth that wears makeup we wear
makeup not only to beautify ourselves especially women do that we wear makeup
in movies and other aspects of life I understand dressing up and having fun in
a carnival or something or Expo that’s a little different story but when it comes
to everyday just just wearing makeup I don’t see the plain when we cover our
true beauty and makeup is a man-made thing yes blenders and computers and my
hairbrush are man-made things too but this is really something that is not
needed at all not needed at all why hide hide our beauty and another thing I find
strange is that why do mainly women wear makeup so virtually have virtually all
all women artists at all but men usually don’t wear makeup as a Beauty statement
why is that why are women always trying to look attractive to men we live in a
patriarchal society I mean that we men view women as sexual objects as pieces
of meat and wanna they want to look beautiful and they want to impress men
but I’m not impressed with women that wear makeup I mean maybe
they’re beautiful lovely people but I’m not impressed with wood makeup at all
not impressed you know even if it makes the person look more plain further
that’s the true beauty and also not to say that this is only to do with makeup
but all kinds of creams and lotions that have like tons of ingredients chemicals
and things that we wouldn’t find in nature like why does a product have to
have so many ingredients and why do they have to have ingredients that are one
sentence long one line long what do they have to have ingredients that have
numbers in them why did it have to have ingredients as smell awful oh this is
beautiful smells so nice it’s it’s organic I couldn’t care less if it’s
organic or it’s made made with gold it smells awful and we should not be
putting that shit on our faces or our bodies and just being natural when we
eat natural foods which is plain and simple fruits and vegetables in their
natural raw state we will tend to as time goes on smell less and less and
less have less body order because that is the natural foods in time when we
stop eating these cooked foods and these animal foods we’re gonna be smelling
like roses like through we eat fruit we smell like fruit plain and simple but we
need animals we smell like dead corpses and we smell like dead secretions from
animals so why use these things why use makeup I use these creams and have
millions of ingredients well literally not million but you get my drift
why why do we mask our our beauty this is me
no creams nothing the only thing I did put a light skin today was coconut pure
coconut oil nothing else in it just coconut oil and even if that I didn’t
put a lot on it it just put very little and I did not shade so you can see that
natural natural so why why do we mask that beauty keep asking this question I
don’t get it people feel like all it’s part of
society we need to conform to society ie I’m a nonconformist as much as I
possibly can nonconformist nonconformist
nonconformist and government so like nonconformist
that’s why they put a lot of them in jail that’s like they put a lot of them
in jail and that’s why I went to jail hmmm because I’m a non conformist you
know let’s look in the mirror for once without any duck on our faces don’t any
gunk on our bodies and even if we have some imperfection even if we have some
imperfections we’ll get a look at ourselves and really look at ourselves
no matter what we see if there’s imperfections that’s beauty
imperfections that’s mutti imperfections that’s not
ugly ugliness that’s not ugliness at all ugliness is a negative viewpoint the
more we see ourselves as ugly the more we are or we become and then the more
the less self-esteem we have then we have anxiety most likely in depression
and panic attacks and all sorts of things we see ourselves you know
overweight we need to put ducks and dunks and dunks and pounds of powders
and crap on our faces we look like clowns we
don’t we’re not truly being ourselves putting all kinds of shit on our bodies
it’s like come on people we are who we are you have to love ourselves so next
time you want to put makeup or creams or anything on your skin and think about it
read the ingredients see what’s really in it is there a number is there is
there are dozens of ingredients is there ingredients that are a long line and
that you can’t even pronounce mm-hmm think about it next time that you want
to put all those nasty things on your face and your body and say oh it’s
coconut it’s not it has dozens of ingredients it’s pure shit and we should
not be wearing it thanks for watching you’re beautiful and you better believe
it and I’ll see you soon

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  1. I always thought it was interesting how in nature it's usually the male animals that are more colorful and flamboyant, yet in human society females make themselves up to appear more attractive… People are programmed by the media and by huge corporations that want to make a profit.

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