Will my ACL, MCL, or PCL (Knee Ligament) Tear Heal?? Surgery??

Will my ACL, MCL, or PCL (Knee Ligament) Tear Heal?? Surgery??

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top is bad the – hi folks I’m Bob short physical therapist Brad hanok physical therapy we are the most famous physical therapist on internet and I opinion of course right we get a lot of questions people are wondering whether or not their ACL MCL or PCL knee ligament is going to heal sure and you know usually it’s not all three but it’s one of those right and so today I thought to be a good time for us to talk about that whether or not it’s going to heal on its own or whether or not you’re going to meet surgery we’re talking about the anterior cruciate ligament medial collateral ligament and post your class right yeah the most full so these are ligaments that you know there’s four main ligaments that help hold your knee together right you know so you got got the femur bone you got the tibia bone here and you know there’s muscles that help hold it together too but basically to stop these you know bones from coming apart there’s four main ligaments the ACL is one you hear about all the time right probably the most injured and that’s one that’s in the joint itself I’m going to go over here break yeah a little close up yeah what do you think Lonnie I I put red tape on it this is yeah this is the kneecap we’re just going to take and lift the kneecap up so you can see inside the joint and there’s the ACL right there there how are you doing Lonnie she doesn’t seem happy good maybe why he’s not happy nobody’s happy all right that’s the ACL the MCL is on the inside of the knee and that goes from here this bone to that alone right it’s just the femoral to the tibia right and then the PCL is is also in the joint but it’s you know in a bit more in the back and it comes from the front most of the bat you see on the piece you actually cursed cry Megatron yeah they’re right next they’re like little buddies so there’s a lateral collateral ligament but that one usually doesn’t get injured as much not as much it’s just on the other side of the knee it’s right under the skin you can feel that as well as the ability of fingers under the skin kind of so let’s talk about first you know they’re going to grade your chair they’re going to tell you it’s either two or three mmm no on a one it just got the fibers got stretched a little bit right irritated a little killer probably no you’re not going to do anything with that but you might do some rehab after that but you’re not gonna do anything beyond that it was a number two grade two there are some fibers that were partially torn and this you know this is the key is does your knee feel stable because sometimes your knee feels unstable even with this some partial tear all right and and again you may want to do some rehab after and right so strengthen it get some stabilization is great during the grade three it’s completely tears right okay I’m sure it’s like a mop head they say on both sides yeah you know so it’s complete rupture the other thing that could happen is it actually could pull away from the bone and pull part of the bone with it and it’s all a bowls primary up so that’s that’s the possibilities that are happen if the surgery is going to be considered when you have a grade three a very complete tear right terror pulls off the bone get in there and they gotta fill it back in or connect it reattach it before we go any further Brad by the way if you’re new to our channel please take a minute please please take a minute to hit the subscribe button here or right here on the screen because we’re going to provide you with videos honest a healthy fit pain free and we upload every day you battle alright getting back to where we’re Tommo Brad let’s talk about the MCL first video collateral ligament let’s say you hurt that one alone you didn’t hurt any of the other leg American yep because quite often you might hear you’ll read there there he goes well he heard it he actually toured completely apart like that should you have surgery well they have found out now Brad in most cases an isolated incident like you should not have surgery that will heal believe it or not those ends will come back together again you’re all on the clock sure and they’re going to actually heal and how long is that going to take roughly I’m not sure how long it takes but it’s week anyway its many weeks and you’re going to have to do we have along with it right you lose and we’re going to talk about this later as you lose your proprioception you lose the ability to tell where the knee as at in space and it makes you more vulnerable to re-injuring it again and your balance is going to be off you might fall down so you you know again I went to surgery now let’s say you tore your ACL or PCL along with the MCL well in that case they’re recommending that you do have the MCL I mean the ACL repaired but you still leave the MCL alone because they make more money on you yeah right now the ACL does provide some of that stability that the MCL does right so it needs to be repaired otherwise there’s gonna be too much stress on the MCL guys the two out of the four ligaments gone yeah too much it’s just too much so you’re going to want to go ahead and have that repaired now what about an MCL or the ACL so that’s the big one that happens quite often that is it why do I got numbers on a way to spread 150,000 new ACL tears a year oh really yeah hundred thousand MCL and this is in the United States yep you know days okay and 25,000 of the PCL okay so ACL LCL wins you have 150,000 if you call that a win because it’s you know it’s a devastating injury right why doesn’t the ACL or the PCL they’re both what they call inter articular they’re inside the joint yep they’re not on the outside they don’t heal well and there’s a number of reasons they don’t one there’s a lot of synovial fluid in there and that fluid keeps those little ends from attaching to each other so it’s like the to my Pender will be all over in this fluid they never get a chance ever get a look up not a great blood supply right there so if they do hook up they don’t form the clot that needs to be bind together right get the growth going three there’s great mechanical stresses on these sure I mean there’s more stresses on these than there is on the MCL or other way they break more that’s why they break very good point yeah so you within those cases in most cases people are going to have this repaired especially if you’re going to go back to activity right I mean if you’re gonna go back to sports I don’t know how you can to not really well actually I heard there was that one isolated case of a football player who actually didn’t have any no no they they actually talked about this you know if there’s actually testing they can do and they can it may put you in two categories either your koper or non poker oh and that means your knee is coping with the the fact that it’s a CL is not there and if you haven’t had the knee give out at all when you’re walking out that’s a good sign okay and they actually look at you and can tell like if your your knee is if you’re walking really braced that’s a bad sign or okay you’re you’re able to walk with kind of a normal stride they have a whole testing process and yeah I would say you know and I’m looking at the numbers it was like one out of one out of four that could probably get by without surgery sure and but this is you’re gonna have to go to a place that knows what they’re doing all right they’re gonna test you don’t listen all right you’re we’re not going to give you advice on that because I mean if I was an athlete I’d be I’d be a bit torn right yeah yeah but in any case Brad no matter which one you have you you need to have after you if you have the surgery you’re going to have to make sure you get some rehab if you’ve got to get that proprioception again that ability for the need to tell where it is in space you have to get that reestablished or you’re really at a high injury or a possibility of re-injuring right and the other things that helps determine whether or not entry injured is how well your bones are shaped well they hook up together you know how how how good you are again it at not losing your balance and stuff like that right the rehab process is pretty complete and it’s as therapists you know we go step by step by step and it’s typically 12 to 16 weeks well Brad why don’t you start off and show it with a wobble board okay the line gonna probably have to pan down a little bit here well I was talking about proprioception this is one of the tools that therapists will use to help that proprioception that doesn’t use you wear shoes like this with it is yeah was my black sound but you know obviously I’m not gonna wear my dress shoe to do this I need a little more feel for what I’m on and grip so usually start to like it’s red right so right when I start with someone or when Bob does you’ll start with two feet and I have I call this the five minute drill the different therapists have different exercises on this I like this I go forward and backwards getting you guys in a walker for balance right now by the way what our cute little fish Walker here by the way oh yeah and in the clinic I haven’t stand in parallel bars and they hold on to that because you’re not going to be able to do this without something to stabilize likely you might get away with a cane or cane in both hands so go forward and backwards for 60 seconds right to left and this is good to have the knee slightly bent while you’re doing that right whoo I got to get my Walker back there but hard to do yeah this is not easy depends on the wobble board too and then this is a very small wobble board Brad yeah them have really large ones they are a lot easier to use another one you might want to use when you’re starting off with so then I go clockwise we roll around for a minute then the other direction for me otherwise in the grand finale is to hold it and this is where I say let go the parallel bars and see if you can hold it this wobble board actually has a little cheater eye there’s a flat spot on the ball yeah if I get to it right there it’s hard to get to actually it’s not that easy one thing you’re going to learn wanted to learn Brad is how to jump correctly after you have certain a CL yep you know like this is my involved leg one of the biggest problems especially women had is when they land they land in like this exactly you really want to work on one really good posture when you land you don’t want to be like this and land like this because you’re your weight is all over your knees or you want to have your your back real straight I want to show Brad on out on me so we line up when you have good posture here you see how it hits my butt my bag and my head turn this rotate your heart above okay there you go so I land I want to be like in this position my knees are not coming together where it is they’re landing like this keeping in line yep my posture is really good and my knees are bent right they found out people that tend to land like this tend to injure their legs more you want to land like this you want to hit your toe to your heel toe heel sure and you can even work on these you can jump forward and hold the position jump back hold the position jump forward and jump back and hold the position so those are all really to work on this is a pretty comprehensive program and you know in ten minutes we just we’re just touching the surface on a lot of it I don’t even think I’m gonna go over the complicated the rest of them break right these are very difficult to do this is a good start you gotta know that you’re going to have to do a whole proprioception hopefully scepter program exactly oh thank you all going lock with it you


  1. My right leg was injured about 3 years ago.i was driving a bike and I didn't control the bike and bike fell down over my right leg.after that when I tryied to stand up my kne was round off. In that time when I am walking running I feel that my leg are going out. Please help me doctor.

  2. Hello sir.
    I had ligament PCL and ACL stretched during injury … But it's been 3 years know and my injured knee is still not recovered on its own …. My concern is will ligament come in original length or not .
    Thank you. ..

  3. I had a partial tear in PCL will it heal natural and how much time will it take ? Before injuray is was used to do heavy weight lifting and squats , will I ll be able to do it again? What I have to do so i can heal faster and become stronger than before?

  4. Hi doctor
    Few weeks back I have fallen on road
    Our othopedis told that it is acl and lcl grade. 1 injury.Now I can walk stable and problem is that I can't sit on my injured knee. I am unable bend it properly it is paining more.
    Please suggest me few things to get reid of it..?

  5. Hi fell in June 21,2017 and hit my right knee on cement tile floor and it was fine till the winter come and when I walk now it's very painful and my right knee turns towards the inside of my leg and I start hopping around from pain and locked right knee.

  6. When we are 15, I believe the bones haven't fully finished developing but is it still okay to get surgery?. I think I have a grade 2 ACL.

  7. i tore acl mcl and lcl all in one shot skiing 2 years ago and had surgery on acl but my knee still will buckle if in the right circumstance would this mean my mcl never healed right? itll hurt on the left side of my knee when this happens

  8. In MRI report Partial tear ACL, and posterior horn of medial meniscus , and Mild joint effusion . What will i do ?

  9. Any suggestions for long distance riders (equestrians) with knee issues? We stand or post for sometimes hours, knees bent, of course, but that's a beating on young knees, as we get older, and often more injured, ouch.

  10. My dudes, I had a Grade 3 PCL tear, and a grade 2 MCL tear in November playing rugby. My doc said to avoid surgery, but I'm 5 months out of the injury and nearly 3 months into weekly PT, and I'm still unable to run. WHAT DO? I don't want to go back to playing rugby, but I do want to go back to competitive distance sports.

  11. Thanks for the video, I’ve recently subscribed- from Australia 👍 you’re both very well educated, I’m going through some knee problems and I’m learning a lot from your videos! Thank you 🙏🏻

  12. thanks to your advices on eexercisess for tennis elbow recovery I cured my tennis elbow alone last year. Now I injuried my mcl. last week. I hope it will recover with my exercise but i walk really hard and odd… I am torn. It does not seem that it will heal easily.

  13. I have grade 2 ACL tear and grade 2 meniscus tear,but my knee is stable, will the ACL and meniscus heal back?

  14. Dr i have a tear of acl and grade 3 tear of meniscus and partial tear of pcl and my acl and neniscus reconstruction is done so tell me plz in which tym i recover completly and what diet plan i shoul follow for fastest recovry

  15. a couple of days ago i felt a sharp pain in my knee took a rest i been wearing knee braces and i been looking at your videos and i don’t believe i tored neither of the mcl acl or pcl but the buttom of my knee cap hurts (sore pain) will this heal or should i see a doctor ?

  16. Love you guys!! I learn something EVERYTIME I watch and I come to your site often for personal help and also to help my personal training clients returning to functional fitness after completing PT. Keep posting! :))

  17. Playing football I’ve hurt my mcl.
    It’s been 5 weeks and it’s not getting any better.
    Knee is full of fluid
    And I’m in pain.
    I’ve had my cartilage taken out years ago.
    When I walk on it I hear knuckle popping sound and it’s extremely painful.
    I would appreciate any advice.
    I’m having to go to work on it.

  18. is patellar enthesopathy the same as the MCL, PCL ? I was diagonosed with patellar enthesopathy and having an MRI in dec having a lot of pain getting out of a chair and dr said that I may have to have arthoscopy done, just had a right knee replacement in dec on my right and this is all going on my left

  19. Sir I'm from India and I had an accident to my knee while playing soccer and a tick sound Is heard ,I have not consulted any doctors yet it have been 1 years and I continued playing its been fine but know my knee feel like dislocating pls help ,I cannot afford surgery

  20. Sir I am 27 yrs old
    My MRI shows me that ACL tear
    I am preparing for si
    N I will have physical events on November ,consulted doctor and he suggested me that take ACL reconstruction but I am simply refused events r too imp for me it's my life but I am not able to stand even more than 10min
    So what can I do plz suggest me
    What r precautions to recovery my ACL tear

  21. I tore my PCL in 1996 playing softball. I was covering home/blocking home (natural catcher reaction), and the girl never slid, she just ran into my leg, hit me right below the kneecap and I just dropped. It felt like my knee was falling out of my leg through the back. Went to 2 different doctors who both told me I had a bad bruise. 🙁 No MRI, just xrays to make sure there was no break. I couldn't walk without my leg giving out forward with each step. I rested with a knee immobilizer for 5 weeks and then just a knee brace, gradually exercising my quads and hamstrings. Fast forward 6 years, playing ice hockey, I went knee on knee with a girl and immediately felt like my knee was on fire. Felt like everything under my kneecap was just swelling up. Went to a new doctor, one who worked for local pro sports teams, and he said, yeah the PCL is completely torn (MRI confirmed it) but there's nothing we can really do because the surgery for this has only 50/50 odds of better recovery than when you went in. ACL was stretched but fine. I am double my age now from when my injury occurred, and moved to a warmer climate….less problems with the knee now so I think it healed on its own. Occasionally, when I'm playing softball it will jerk forward moreso than it should and hurt a bit, but nothing major. I did actually fracture my ankle (talus) on the same leg 8 years ago playing softball, stepped in a sprinkler hole running for a fly ball, and tore my anterior talofibular ligament. Not sure if the history of knee issues had anything to do with it causing that amount of damage, but it has taken literally 2.5 years to recover and not have pain. I've had to learn how to walk properly again because I've been compensating for my knee and ankle for so many years. I have a really high tolerance for pain so even when these injuries occur, it takes years for me to actually realize it. The ankle, took 7 years to realize something was not right because it started healing so quickly after the injury despite being swollen. I've learned unfortunately how to live and play in pain.

  22. Hi guys, I watched your videos related to ACL and meniscus tear.
    My doctor suggested me rest of 10 days with 2 exercises. After that if it won't get well I may have to face a surgery. Which is scaring me like anything. Only 8 days remaining.. can you guide how can I do better to avoid a surgery. If you want I can attach my MRI report.. it would be very helpful.. I would be highly obliged to both of you Sir.

  23. Hi, I don't understand how ACL is recovered through rehabilitation. What I heard was that ACL or any other ligaments do not generate or grow back. If that is the case, how are these exercises for muscles helping the ACL to recover? Is rehab helping a patient walk with a torn ACL or helping to cure ACL? I have been researching about it a lot and none of the sources explain how rehabilitation helps heal ligaments.

  24. Hello Dr

    While dancing in n annual function suddenly my knee twisted I couldn’t balance i thought is just a cramp but asap i visited Dr he asked me to do an MRI.I did n report says its n ligament injury Dr asked me to rihab for 2 weeks once swelling n pain heals completely Dr ask to go for surgery. Just need n proper guidance should i go for it or it can be heal without it.
    Waiting for your rply Dr

  25. I tore my PCL, grade 2 tear, and am having issues at full flexion 3 months later. For example, I can’t squat (body weight only) down fully like a did when catching in baseball. Do I have another injury on top of the PCL tear? Will I be able to squat that low again in the future? I’m trying to do it unweighted but 3 months later, it’s still hurting.

  26. I am a physiotherapist in Japan. I think ACL will heal naturally in a proper treatment. https://youtu.be/HO_G1lQ1fMM

  27. Tore my acl pcl and mcl in half broke the top of my tibia off whole year before I could do anything with surgery of course

  28. fucked up my mcl playing hockey many months ago… it was feeling good and then today stepped on a tree limb raking leaves and felt a snap like feeling and then the hot like feeling … now i can barely walk again

  29. Do i need complete knee replacement? Can cyst be removed? MRI report says Lf knee pain. Truncated appearance of the anterior and posterior horns as well as the body of the medial meniscus. Consistent with diffuse free edge tearing in absence of any known meniscectomy. There is bandlike low signal intensity soft tissue structure in the posterior medial aspect of the intercondylar notch. This contacts the posterolateral aspect of the medial femoral condyle. Inferiorly this appears contiguous with the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus. This is most suggestive of displaced meniscal fragment likely arising from the posterior horn. Measure 1.5×0.8cm. There is complex degenerative tear of the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus. The remainder of the lateral meniscus is unremarkable. There is no evidence of posterolateral corner or capsular injury. have free edge tearing of the entire medial meniscus. Displaced meniscal tear involving posterior horn of the medial meniscus. Displaced meniscal fragment extends superiorly & laterally into the intercondylar notch. No ligament tear. Large Bakers cyst. Small joint effusion.

  30. I have partial tear of LCL in left knee and PCL sprain injury since a month . But doctors dont show me a clear picture . Almost from last 20 days they totaly immoblize my knee but suddenly yesterday another doctor aske to remove immobolizer totaly and try to bend my leg on full rotation in 2 weeka and then come to me for checkup.
    I want to know from you that is this treatment is workable for me or not? Or what should i do ?

  31. I got surgery last year, in April, due to a workrelated injury where i slipped and fell backwards and my knee got twisted as i fell because my foot was stuck in a pallet. I tore my ACL and medial meniscus and had a pretty bad inflammation and bleeding in both the ACL, the meniscus and the kneejoint.
    I was at home and on sick leave for 8 months, and my knee is still very unstable and hurts alot, even more than before i had the surgery done.

  32. please can someone help me i was playing football and when i was jumping i landed badly. i heard a pop it was painful but not too much after like 4 min the pain was gone. i continued the match without any problem but the next day i coudn't
    Bend my knee completely (There was no swelling or redness)i went to the doctor and he said i have nothing he give me some stuff for the pain .after 10 days me knee was getting better I could climb the stairs and walk and run my knee is getting better evry day with some little pain in the midle when i run too much . i was just worried if that is an acl tear ( sry for my bad english )

  33. So if you’re a ‘Coper’ then is the torn ACL still capable of joining back like the MCL did earlier in the video?

  34. Can these tears be graded on a regular x-ray? I fell on my knees 3times this past year and now after having to care for my husband (total quad tear) and doing the stairs too often, I have a sharp pain and instability when I straighten my leg. I am hobbling around with my knee in a bent position. The Dr I went to thinks I have arthritis. I am scheduled for phys therapy. Thanks!!


  36. If we have a just strain in acl and not tear, so can it heal on it's own ? And how much time it will take to heal? ( "Just Strain " )

  37. what ab right knee contusion i fell on ice my leg back under mee and i scream my knee hurts but idk i feel the could be more damage and i think i damage few more times getin up from bed so pain i scream again aaaaaaarrrrrrrr and my leg kinda bent right do u know what could it be thank you

  38. I hurt my knee in June 2018 the doctor didn't want to give me an mri and he think it was my mcl based his exprience. Her i am in March and my still hurts when im on it during the day. What should i do? Broken in Stockton, Ca.

  39. It’s been over 2 months and I still have inflammation in my knee… is this normal.. doctors said to wait for inflammation to go down

  40. Hi, quick question. So I just had my MRI last Wednesday, and on my chart it says diagnosed ruptured acl initial encounter. What's the difference between ruptured and a tear?

  41. What is if I partially torn my PCL and LCL? Plus damaged cartilage and Baker's cyst. 6 weeks on and still struggle walking and not able to swim. No physio, no rehab, no surgery. Should I look for second opinion?

  42. What do i do because i injured my left LCL after i twisted my left knee to the right.. just was at the hospital. No mri scan yet.

  43. I fell after jumping when playing volleyball.knee cap moved aside to the inside of the leg,but managed to return it..why does my one hurt when i try to bend it?cant pass 20 degrees backwords

  44. Might need to update the video guys:


  45. i am injured ACL a year a go at that time i don't have money so now i want to have the surgery is there any problems with it please answer??

  46. If one of these are broken can you still walk because i only have pain when i lift up my leg and when i land on it after jumping i also have zero swelling

  47. years ago I actually injured both my ACL and LCL. playing floor hockey. I was hit with a 2-hand slash across the front of me left knee from the right side.

  48. Just Broke my ACL LCL and PCL…. right knee…. fell off my bike.. I'm 2nd day out of surgery
    …….. I never thought I'd be here watching this video….. thank you so much…. I'm in soo much pain… knee brace is so uncomfortable but its support…… thanks Uploader.

  49. So glad you mentioned the 'grades', as I have several medicalese terms, lol. Meniscus, ACL, MCL, and fractured tibia. 7 weeks out, swelling came down after 2, but if I can find out those 'grades' of my injuries, I will have a better idea of whether surgery is likely.
    I'm on a walker, just barely put weight on that leg. Cross fingers!☝️

  50. 10:00 Aha! Jumped over a fence, lower on landing side, and I came down just the way you showed because I misjudged it, and also turning slightly LEFT as i came down.
    It was like my left leg snapped twice sideways.
    Ambulance came, I couldnt move. Anyway, great demonstration of landing from a jump, guys! ( although I dont think I could have done better,– except, of course, dont jump over fences for short cuts!)☝️😇

  51. My acl tore completely. First injury mosh pit 16 years ago. "Trick knee" fell down the snowy stairs last winter and lost all stability after that. I think thats went from a tear to a floating freely acl lol… Week 5 post surgery this is a process whew!

  52. Sorry I having a Grade2/3 MCL, near or full thickness of PCL and grade 2 LCL injury plus minuscus plus few injury around knee. 😐. So on rest. Doc advised to take rest as it will heal by itself. So please tell me do I need to go for surgery? And when I can be again active after the full recovery?

  53. Glad I watched this! Currently rehabbing MCL (sprained both LCL and MCL, with MCL taking the brunt, but ACL and PCL looked OK in the MRI) and this is the first I've heard about proprioception issues, which explains some of the issues that I'm having

  54. I was injured in Iraq, doc over there said it was a sprained knee. After a month on crutches, went back to work as an infantryman. For about 7 months did my ruck marches, pt test, and job. Got back to the states, knee started locking. Check myself in, after mri, doc said I blown my acl and tore my meniscus.

  55. I had acl with mcl and menuskus tear
    My surgeon has done surgery my acl with menuskus
    But not mcl
    Now I have pain in my mcl for rehabilitation
    Pls advice

  56. I have a grade 1 ACL tear from a skateboarding accident and I’m half way through rehab and I’m still in pain and my knee is pretty unstable, is it possible that I will have an operation? Thank you, Watching you from Australia 🇦🇺

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