Will The Dermaroller Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?

Will The Dermaroller Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?

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your guys what's up it's another big change update video here I'm now on day ten there's not much change obviously was only five days since I last updated and I won't lie to you I did shape up my neckline as you can probably see here just to keep it looking neater I did get a bit of advice from someone in my inbox and thank you for that saying just I need to be persisting with it growing it out for at least three months before I can see it but just take the neckline off cut any straggling bits off but the real reason that I wanted to talk to you today in this video is about this the derma roller also known as the micro needle system I think that's right the micro needle roller system yeah it's used for anti-aging skin regeneration skin rejuvenation and active cells solution that's why it says on there consist of 540 needles tiny micro needles you can get in different other than if you can see that you can get it in different sizes I got the one millimeter needle now here's the interesting bit the theory behind this derma roller is that it can lead you to getting a thicker fuller beard so as I was reading last night you roll this on your face in different directions Oh then you're supposed to go I'm not quite sure how hard to press I suppose starve lighter and then maybe progress progressed getting harder anyway so the theory behind this is that it stimulates blood flow to the surface when you roll over it sir inserts tiny little pricks Tiny's and pricked onto your face which sends a distress signal to your brain therefore it is in need of repair therefore all the nutrients you intake get driven to that area to repair it obviously the area where your beard is and so leading you to get thicker fuller beard I mean it sounds legit but do the upper side I guess you just have to keep rolling so apparently you do this once to twice a week and I did too much because it can be doing more damage than good so it says on there I think this is quite popular for women so it does and it gives you them on the back a guide as to which size to get so hmm the options are light and color sport darks all concave convex hull nutrition input think that's the one they said they all do it point two five point thirty millimeters point fifty point seven five one millimeter one point five oh two millimeters in two point five oh yeah scoot cells regeneration complexion improvement oh so I might improve my complexion at the end of the day the proof is in the pudding and there is only one way to find out you can see I've probably pressed a bit too hard there like a donut not sure if that's a good idea you can see some sort of red there it is yeah so it's vandalizing your face a good idea join me in the next video and you will find out listen guys thank you for watching this video if you have any comments gins any feedback just anything popping the coin section down below and I will reply I will be doing more updates like this I can guarantee you that so why don't you come along and join me on my journey also a few days ago I just posted a video on self barbering how to do a bold skin fade so watch me cutting my own hair doing a bald skin fade tutorial walking you through it that's something that would interest you already the link here that's better peace but the real reason I wanted to talk to you today in this video is about oh Jesus Christ


  1. Apply castor oil after derma rolling thats what I do once a week and you will have a nice smooth skin and helps grow beard.

  2. I know this has nothing to do with your video, but some people have commented saying you look like Nate Diaz. I don't see that, although I do think you have a strikingly similar facial structure to Brandon Boyd, the lead singer of Incubus.

    Anyway, related to your video… I am going to give beard rolling a try and see how it works.

  3. So how much did it helped you? You must have used thr product fpr at least 6 month now, any news or update?

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  5. Is 1mm the safest and best option for the dermaroller? Also how and what do you use to clean it with after every use?

  6. I'm new to derma rollers but this one was perfect for starters! Works Wonderfully. I use it before bed, that way your skin makes the most out of the treatment during sleep. Make sure you use a good quality product after needling because your skin is now open. I apply fresh afterward and go to bed. Getting ready to move up to a. 05 size roller soon. Highly recommend, and it’s good price! http://www.worldshoptop.com/skin-roller-needle/

  7. sir I have very much little beard! actually I have mustache and very thin beard with so gapes….I am in a awkward situation ….can I do it with darmaroller???? or Should I go for another way?

  8. Hello
    a question, if you can help me.
    I use minoxidil and meanwhile I bought the derma roll.
    I do not know how to deal with the solution, how many times do I roll with a day or a week, or before minoxidil.imi give twice a day minoxidil, roll every time I give it?
    and after how long to apply minoxidil after I rolled for an hour, 2 hours? that's not what I know.
    I'm waiting for your message and I appreciate you helping me.

  9. Does it take or trim the hair off because i have a beard and patches but my other beard hair covers it could i use it on that patch?

  10. My beard is so much thicker that I can't shave it even so unbelievably thick and my full face is covered with hair you know

  11. I've Been Losing Some Hair On My Hairline And I Want To Give Derma Rolling A Go What Size Needle Would You Recommend & How Often Shall I Use It

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