Winter haul: Sheinside, H&M, Pittarello, BH Cosmetics & books | Zimski nakupi | Tjaša Deu

Winter haul: Sheinside, H&M, Pittarello, BH Cosmetics & books | Zimski nakupi | Tjaša Deu

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This winter I bought some nice
stuff, and I decided that I wanted to
talk about it with YOU. I’m sorry that I addicted you guys to
online shopping, and with Aliexpress. But I just can’t help it. Today I want to introduce you to
another online shopping site. Sheinside. Sheinside is a very good thing, and I think of it as a filter
for Aliexpress. Because on Aliexpress you have a lot
of clothes, and you never know what is
good and what is not. So far everything I bought there
was very good. But this is the only Chinese
site that, I would recomend buying from other
than Aliexpress. Because on these sites there is
NO refund system, if anything goes wrong.
It’s all up to them. I bought two sweaters. Because i was looking in my wardrobe
and I was like: ”It’s winter and I don’t have
any chunky knit sweaters.” So I went to the site and bought two. This is the first one. It has this beautiful pattern
which I’m crazy about. There’s only one little problem,
it’s very short. I did see it on the preview picture
that it will be short, but I didn’t think it’s going to be
that short. With this sweater we have
a love-hate relationship. Because I like the colour
and the pattern, but I have to decide when do
I wear it and stuff like that. This is the second sweater. It’s a bit more ”light”. And it’s a bit more longer than
the other one. So it goes well with skirts or
high waisted pants. Basically both of them are
very nice. And the material is very good
although it’s synthetic. But it’s made out of good
synthetic fiber. And both of the sweater were
already washed twice. The fiber isn’t wearing of anywhere
so I am pleasantly surprised about it. Because I expected it’s gonna wear of
quickly and then become itchy. But these sweaters are a really
good purchase. Oh, and then there were
clearance sales. Ok, okay this video won’t be in chronological
order so now we are at SALES. And because I had a coupon for 20€
in Supernova I went shopping there. And I found, and remember everything
was bought with that coupon, this nice sweater in H&M. And what I like the most about it,
that it’s knited with special thick wool. Which is thin on both end
and thick in the middle. And that makes a small pattern of some sort,
I think it looks great on the camera. But in reality they are barely seen.
But I really liked it. When it was like -10°C I just buried
myself into this sweater so I was warm. I was basically living in it. Because if i’m cold, I dont care
about anything else but getting warm. The second thing i bought was this blouse. I had a weird relationship with
this lace at the beginning. At first I had mixed feelings about
buying it but then I thought to myself, that I can combine it with a blazer
or something, and it’s up to me And then I bought it.
Now I actually like it very much, especially the colour. Last year I bought similar blouse in Primark.
And then i was wearing it all the time. And then I realised that I need to buy
more blouses like that. So, yeah now I have one more. I was walking around Pittarello one day
and I found these beatuies. And it was literally love at first sight. There’s a nice clean cut
and a beautiful heel. But the heel is very thick and when you’re
walking around it doesn’t feel, like you’re walking in heels. I can work in these bad boys
10 hours a day and I will have, little to no foot pain. Worth every cent. What do you do around christmas? You go to Lič because you
need presents for your friends. And what do you do when you’re buying presents for
your friends you buy something for yourself too. And then I bought this
lipcolour pallet. I don’t usually wear lipstick
because i don’t like it. But when I do, and I’m in the store
and, and I’m thinking about
what coulour of lipstick I would buy. And then I always fuck it up. I mean I never get the right tone of the colour. Then I got an idea, that I need
a lipstick pallet so I can try out different colours. And to see what even fits me. And what doesn’t. But this thing is awesome,
because you have all these colours. So here you have matt colours with
glitters and even more glitters. And from lipsticks with high coverage
to ones with very little. And when you – oh look my hair. And then you take a brush for lips – oh my god
32 different lipsticks at home. So yeah you can see that I really like
these ones here. You can see that I’m wearing
this one right now. I use a lot of them overall. And what did I figure out that I look good
with orange and warm tone colours. And I was like woah revelations. I definitly recommend buying it
if you don’t know what lipstick to use. Same goes with shaders, if you don’t know
which to use buy a pallet. And these BH cosmetics are
well done with quality colours. And now it’s book time. This year millions of youtubers
published their books and what did Tjaša do? SHE BOUGHT ALL OF THEM! Actually I got this one as a present. And then Nejc said that I only read books now. Cuz yeah I like reading them. At the beginning I was like: ”eee it’s
a fairytale.” I don’t usually like fairytales. If the book I’m reading isn’t a
biography, about personal growth, entrepreneurship or finances, then I’m like: ”Meh, boring.” But I must say I was pleasantly
surprised by this book. At the beginning it starts slow
and then BAAAM, BUUM, PLOT TWIST, AND ANOTHER ONE. And at the end you don’t want to
stop reading because you have to know how it ends. So yeah, it isn’t actually a
fairytale how is it called, a novel? It’s a novel about a girl who is
posting on her blog. I think Zoella put alot of her
experiences into the book. And when we figured out that it’s
very easy to buy from Amazon. BAM, another youtuber. I said I have to get my hands on
Michelle Phan’s book. Because the empire that she built,
you just got to know the story behin it. I don’t want to show you the cover
but the things she wrote in this book. She actually writes about stages of her life,
like before Youtube, now and after Youtube. And then you realise that she was famous
way before Youtube. Then she goes through hair making,
nail arts, fashion, etc. For fashion she has some very cute guidelines. I highly recommend this book. To every girl who:
A) is interested in Michelle Phan or B) she has never read a book for
personal growth. Just begin here.
You can easily begin here. Well here we have the last book. The last book was an impulse purchase When I was watching a video of Mimi Ikonn, I accidently found it, it’s one of her older
videos with the topic of how to define the
colour of your wardrobe. And how to create outfits when you know your colour tone.
And how it’s easier to buy clothes then. I’m doing this actively the last year,
trying to make my wardrobe more fashionable. And slowly im getting there. Although it’s a very slow process, I’m getting there. And you have to buy things with your head,
but yeah this video definitly helped me. And at the end she casualy mentions this book
for those who just can’t find their colour. And I was like: ”Why not?”
Then I went to Amazon to check out the price. 12€ later the book
was on its way to me. Colour me beautiful, is a book that tells
you if you are more of a warm or cool colour. At first I couldn’t decide but then it hit me
I look better in warmer colours. I asked myself: ”Why for the 3rd damn year am I
wearing that brown coat, that you can see it everywhere.” The coat is falling apart, the zipper is broken,
but why do I still wear it? The answer, because I feel good in that
brown colour and because I think it fits me the most. I think that no black coat fits me as good as
the brown one. So there is something to it, right? With this book I realised that I look
good in the colours of autumn. So in the book you have a pallet
of the colours you should be wearing. These things are very subconscious. Then I figured out what my problem was, why it was so hard for me to follow a fashion
style icon. Because generally in the fashion world
all women look good in cooler tones of colours. So there is a lot of white and black and blue. And then I can’t put that on me because
it doesn’t look as good as it does on her. And then I was like: ”Now what.” I made a decision now that my wardrobe
will consist of warm colours and I will build on from there. And make something new. So if you like this video give it a thumbs up and
in the comments tell me what you want to see in the other videos. I have some ideas, i have something prepared… Bye 🙂


  1. pod crop puloverčke lahko ful fajn kombiniraš kakšne bl flowy majčke, ki so bl svilnatega materiala oziroma izgleda. Pa ponavad majo bl tanke naramnce pa so brez ovratnika:) Ful hudo pride na kavbojke, k pol srajčka vn gleda:) No lahk pa kombiniraš tud mal bl preppy pa daš prou srajčko spodi, pa ovatnik vn. Sam da mal bl stylish zgleda je fajn še rokave zavihat 🙂

  2. Ali lahko narediš posnete kako si mlajše ponce npr10let negujejo lasi in kako si lahko naredijo pričesko za v šolo

  3. tjasa tudi jas inan topel poton .to pasem ugotovila tako da je moja sosolka inela modre hlace z rojstni dan pa sem obila enake in ni bilo tako lepo kot na prijatelci

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