1. This is the best one for sure! There gifts are so cute and creative! LA girl is so funny and London girl is super pretty. I hope they stay friends!

  2. this has to be my top fave mystery swap video cause all the stuff they gave each other is really cute. also, most of these swap videos have really cute products and knick-knack that I might want to try especially if I'm in another country I can remember to try some of the self-care and snack stuff. so I think this is really awesome.

  3. 3:18 that facial expression though😂 very confident, quirky, hilarious and a very sweet person❤️

  4. This is my favourite swap ! I felt like they were truly bonding with each other… EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE WORLD!

    My heart is warmed and my mind is blown 😄

  5. This was so fun to watch. They had chemistry without meeting each other. I would love to do such a swap, but I am kinda of scared because of the swap that must not be named.

  6. Every time I see Kate, it warms my heart. I don't know what it is… She is such a cool person, I would love to be friends with her.

  7. Okay completely unrelated to any videos, but every single ad I am getting on YouTube is about the movie Good Boys for the past like ten videos I have watched. Jeez YouTube lol

  8. Ohhhh gosh…I m sooo in love with these videos. I love shopping so much..be it for myself or someone else. And I always put lots of thoughts when gifting someone. Also, I love packing up things myself in my cute way..which can make anyone feel the gift and my love for them.
    I so want to be a part of this swap series.
    Can someone guide me on how I can?

  9. Omg this is like my favorite episode, they are so sweet and beautiful. I’m so glad they didn’t pull a Chantelle and they put so much thought in it❤️😊

  10. Warning Random Dream:
    The only two places I’ve always wanted to visit are the U.S and England my friend used to live in England and I love her accent and I watch a lot of channels from U.S and England (I’m from Canada)

  11. For all those people who think Chantel’s selection was not that bad, think for 2 min- if you put so much effort in your box and received such a sh**ty gifts would you have said same thing??? I mean who gives such a thing “buy yourself something”!!!!! I mean it would have been justifiable if she sent some money and asked her to buy herself???? That Indian girl totally got scammed😏

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