Women Try Instagram Nail Art • Ladylike

Women Try Instagram Nail Art • Ladylike

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– I prefer to paint like, birdhouses instead of nails, ’cause it’s a larger palette. (rock music) – I think nail art is intense. – I don’t know how they do the little designs. – I don’t think I have
the attention span for it. – I think that if you
are good at nail art, you’re probably good at all art. – People have been doing
creative stuff with their nails for a long time, so there’s
some really inventive, like dope stuff on
Instagram and real life. – If I can come away as a
person who at least understands how nail polish works,
I think that’d be a win. – I don’t anticipate that
I will create a masterpiece on my fingertips, but I
do think I’ll have fun. – So, what are going
to be doing here today? – We are going to be learning some intricate nail art. – You’re like, Instagram queen of nails. – I’m trying really hard (laughs). – Can I guess how long it
took you to do those nails? – Yeah! – Two hours. – It took about an hour and 15 minutes. – Do you think that nail art is like a sustainable
part of a beauty routine? – It’s definitely a lot,
but it’s also something that I think if you can find sort
of peace or harmony in it or enjoyment, then I then it’s worth it. (upbeat dance music) – Okay, so first we’re
gonna take a cotton pad. Oh, you’re gonna grab right over there (laughs).
– Okay I was just like, it’s step one. – Yes (laughs).
– I’m already lost. – And I’m gonna have you
cover this and push down. – Ooo, what is this? – It’s just nail polish remover. – Oh, okay. – And then just wipe of your nail. Make sure there’s no actual
oils and that’s all clean. (upbeat dance music) – A good rule of thumb
whenever you’re taking anything out of a brush. – Uh huh, no pun intended. (dramatic violin music) (laughs) – Scrape the product off
the side of the brush. And then you take the
side with product on it, and that’s how you start, and
I like to start at the base and the middle, and just swipe up. It protects your nails from staining. – Didn’t even know that
was a thing that happened. (laughs) Life is dangerous. (exotic tropical music) – This is Gray-t Escape. – Great. (snickers) – It is 100% called Male Tears. (laughs) – It’s beautiful, it’s
one of my favorites. Tap it against your wrist, or palm. – That’s therapeutic. – It is kinda nice, right? Go around the edge of the
nail, and just make sure that you’ve got the tip
of your nail covered. That looks beautiful. – Oh well…
– Yeah! – I won’t show you the part where I got it all over my fingers.
(laughs) (exotic tropical music) – We’re both gonna use the white as the white for our flowers, and we’re gonna pick a medium pink, and a dark burgundy color. And we’re gonna blob it onto the palette. – Oh, a dab.
– Yeah! – This is what the kids
are doing these days. – We’re gonna take the pen
and we’re going to put it right in between where
the color divide is. – The thing about me is, I
have a master’s degree in effin’ stuff up. (laughs) – Oh my God, my hand’s shaking. – Oh (snickers). I saw that, I was watching it. At this time, I want you to
take the flower so that it’s sort of on the nail, half
on the nail and half off. – [Kristin] This is the
most art that’s ever been anywhere near my hands. (laughs) (dramatic drumming) – The worst thing that can
happen, is you spend hours on your nail art, and then
you put on your top coat and it smears everything. – You have to like, basically
use The Force to figure out, – Yeah.
– When you’re nails are done. – So good, so good. – So good. – So good, grab a little more. – I’ve never delivered a baby, (laughs) but I feel like it might
be kind of like this. (light pop music) (dings) – I had an incredible time today. But unfortunately, I can
only pick one winner. Kristin did a great job. I think she came in and she sort of didn’t know what to expect,
but she went with the flow. I guess the one thing is maybe
the sizing of the flowers. She could’ve placed them a little bit more intricately on the nail. Despite the shaky hand, I
think Devin did a great job. I wasn’t sure how one of the
flowers was gonna turn out, but we were able to turn it
into something really positive. Jen also did a great job, this is really a tough competition. I think that Devin is actually the winner of the Nailing It competition. – I didn’t win, that’s
absolutely not what happened. You’re lying to me. – I did a thing! I did it good. – They said it couldn’t be done, but look what I just done. – I feel like I’m still a winner. I feel like this thumb is still a winner. – And what’s even better
is I’m gonna go eat some spaghetti and shrimp after this. People oughta know that even though I do not have cool nails,
I’m still feminine. – Thank you so much for watching Ladylike. – If you’d like to see
more of us, click there and subscribe to our channel. – Or take off these covers, ’cause none of us are wearing pants. – Aye! (laughs)


  1. literally been watching all of ladylike videos all day it feels like but idc bc there SO FREAKING FUNNY

  2. I have really shaky hands and I bite my nails. so when I attempt to paint what little nails I have… Doesn’t turn out well.

  3. Nina: “And I’m gonna have you cover this and push down”
    Jen: “Ooo what is this?!”
    Nina: “Uh it’s just nail polish remover”
    Jen: “Oh…*pumps once…Ok
    Jen: *keeps pumping

  4. So this is what nail art is..And I can't even properly put on a light coat of blue nail polish without smearing it ;-;

  5. I can't even paint my nails without liquid latex or else it will prob paint the rim and I don't even have liquid latex! And I smeer it when it's drying cuz I think it's dry but it's not😂

  6. There's no h💿l💿.
    Or peel off base coat. That means no peel porn.
    Where is Cristine when we need her???

  7. It’s been a year since I’ve done nail art cause I’m not allowed to wear it for school and it pains me

  8. “I didn’t win”
    “I feel like I’m still a winner”

  9. “If you’re good at nail art you’re probably good at all art.”
    Hah, nah watch simply nailogical.
    No shade, but she can’t free hand.

  10. But where's the HOLO??????😢😢😢💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿

  11. 1:40 Yellow nails dont really matter as long as the area around your cuticle is normal coloured everything is fine ok?

  12. “We’re both going to use white for the white of the flower” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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