Women’s Minimalist Travel Wardrobe for Hot Weather

Women’s Minimalist Travel Wardrobe for Hot Weather

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Aloha! Welcome back to Kensho Quest. In
this video I’m going to show you my minimalist travel wardrobe for traveling
in hot climates. Okay so we’re going to take a close look
at all the clothes and shoes the I’ll be bringing for long-term travel. Our trip is gonna start out in Japan in the summertime and we’ll also be headed
to destinations like Thailand and Indonesia. It will mostly be hot humid weather, but
I like to layer my clothes so we could go somewhere slightly cooler and I would
still be comfortable. These are all the shoes and clothes I’m taking for long
term travel. The outfit I’m wearing is what I would wear on the airplane or the
train on a travel day. I’m going to bring two pairs of shoes. I had
considered bringing a third but it’s really not practical to be bringing my
Uggs boots, so those won’t be coming along. I’ll be bringing one pair of Tieks
black ballet flats. I found over the years that I really liked having a pair
of simple ballet flats to wear while traveling. They fit in more when you’re
in the city like in Tokyo or in Bangkok I could wear those. And when you just
want to look a little bit nicer it’s nice to have something that doesn’t
scream “backpacker”. Then for my sandals I had a pair of Soft Star
Solstice Sandals but I needed something that could get wet and that could be good
for hiking so I got a different type of minimalist sandals. These are Earth
Runners Circadian and they have a bit more of a grip on the bottom so I could
wear these hiking. I could wear them in the water, and just for walking as well.
I’m still getting the strap adjustment figured out on these. It’s a little bit
complicated to get them adjusted just right for your feet. Between having a
pair of multi-purpose sandals and one pair of ballet flats that should cover
pretty much any situation that we’ll be in. These two items here are things I
would be wearing on the airplane. On days that we’re flying I really like to wear
a long skirt and then knee-high socks. These are wool socks and so wearing
these under my long skirt should help keep me warm
despite the air conditioning on the plane. Originally I was only
gonna take one thin Merino wool cardigan but I realized it just wasn’t
warm enough for me. I get really cold like especially with
the air conditioning, so I got an Icebreaker hoodie. This is much thicker
it has the hood which is really good when you’re on the airplane to have your ears
covered. It just feels more comfy. So I can wear this on the airplane as well.
There is one item that I still need to switch out and that’s my swimsuit. I had
this one that I bought in Thailand but unfortunately it’s just really bulky; it
takes up a lot of room in the luggage; and the skirt takes a long time to dry
after I go swimming. I need to head over to the mall and go find myself a
different swimsuit. I do have a different rash guard that I could bring along. Just
to have something thinner and lighter weight when we’re packing. Okay, so most
of my clothes are in these ones. In this medium eBags packing cube I have my
main outfits. I have this one outfit that I’m wearing: Merino wool Icebreaker
shirt and then the skirt I got from Lei Palm at Ala Moana Shopping Center. So
that’s my one skirt and then I have four dresses. This one’s is a romper. A nursing
dress I brought in Thailand. I have two of the same wrap dresses from Pact.
Then I got this crop top from Undercover Mama so any time I want to be a bit more conservative I can wear this under one
of my dresses. I have this lighter weight Merino wool cardigan. This is from Ibex.
Unfortunately, they went out of business. This one since it’s so lightweight it’s
good to just put in my purse. Then if we go to a mall or to eat somewhere and
it’s cold this can keep me warm. I will also be using it a lot for sun
protection since it will be really hot where we’re going. I found I just
don’t like the synthetic travel or canoe shirts that are long-sleeve. I’d rather
just wear her really thin Merino wool cardigan to protect my arms. Then I
just have a bra to go with each outfit in there. I found my personal travel
style over the years and I really like to wear short dresses because in the hot
humid weather that’s comfortable. Then anytime that I need a little more
warmth it’s easy to add a cardigan and to add leggings or knee-high socks
underneath a dress. In this one I have some leggings. A pair of black organic
cotton leggings from Pact. Those can go with any of those dresses. I’ve
got a pair of Merino wool Icebreaker leggings. I have wanted a pair of wool
leggings for a long time now and I finally splurged and got these when
they were on sale. I can wear these either under my dresses; I can wear them
as pajamas; I can also wear this with the long hoodie. So maybe if I was going on a
hike that might work. Or just lounging around on a cool morning or a cool
evening in a hotel room I can have something that feels nice and comfy cozy. I have one long sleeve shirt. This is a Crazy Shirt and it’s pima cotton. We really like the thin pima cotton because if you hand wash it and hang it to dry
it dries faster than other cotton t-shirts. I can use this either if
it’s kind of cold or I can use it as sun protection like if we’re going out on a
safari and we’re going to be in the sun all day I can use that to help my arms
not get sunburned. I’m bringing one cotton nursing nightgown. I have a little
pajama set that I bought at Green Cotton in Thailand. I just love this material.
It’s so comfortable. It’s a tank top and shorts. Then I also have this Rix
tank top I’m taking as pajamas but if I needed to I could also wear this as a
shirt with leggings. Then last in this Eagle Creek tube
I have underwear and socks. I’m bringing mostly Merino wool underwear because
those are really easy to hand wash and then hang dry. Also, when you’re in
super hot humid sweaty weather wool is very breathable and helps
moisture escape instead of sometimes if you’re wearing cotton (cotton underwear
or cotton t-shirt even) it just ends up drenched in sweat.
So sometimes, wool, even though people think it’s for cold it’s also really
great for hot. I have another pair of knee-high socks. These are some organic
cotton ones from Pact. Again, I just like to be able to pair these under my dresses.
Sometimes when we were somewhere that was getting really cool
I would layer leggings under the dress and the knee-high socks over that. I
could layer a cardigan, a jacket, and just keep putting on the layers until I’m the
right temperature. Since I am bringing those ballet flats I like to have
some socks to wear with those. So I have a couple pairs. It’s about time for me to
update my sock collection and Tokyo, Japan is gonna be the perfect place to
do that. So I’ll probably buy some more socks while we are traveling. When we first
started traveling in 2008 I did a lot of research online looking at packing lists,
trying to decide what kind of clothes to bring, and most of the advice at that
time was really geared towards men. So they said to wear travel pants that zip
off at the knees, these button-down collared travel shirts,
or they’re called “canoe shirts”. I just found that I do not like the synthetic
materials; I looked frumpy and ugly. We have so many travel pictures in these
beautiful destinations…I do not like what I’m wearing. Over the years I
just started to realize that even when I’m traveling I can wear what I’m
comfortable wearing at home. For me personally I just really like to wear
dresses and if i pair them with the ballet flats I can look a little bit
more nicer in certain situations. Or I can wear them with the sandals. It’s really easy
to layer up depending on the weather. So that’s my personal travel style that I
found. I think for each one of us it’s important to think about: what
are you comfortable in; what different situations are you going to be in;
activities you’re gonna do on your travels; climates you’re going to be
visiting. You can do things like wait until you get to a destination and buy
a coat there and then donate it when you leave. You could plan to do cold and then
hot or hot and then cold so that you don’t have to bring all your clothes the entire
time. I hope this gave you some ideas of what types of clothes you could bring for
long-term travel. If you’d like more travel tips and inspiration, please
subscribe! Thanks for watching.


  1. That is super minimalist.
    I would struggle to pack light if I travelled now because I leak so much milk. I find myself changing my top/clothes several times a day.

  2. looking for links to where u buy clothes. cant really understand pac references saw pacsafe link in another video. thank u for merino wool advice. i will be looking for where to buy these via internet search engines and on ur other youtube videos. thank u again. best wishes and prayers for safe travels.

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