Work / Office Makeup: Concealer and Foundation Makeup Routine | COVERGIRL

Work / Office Makeup: Concealer and Foundation Makeup Routine | COVERGIRL

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Hey guys, it’s Mirella and I’m going
to show you my foundation and concealer routine. Let’s get started. I’m going to start
with my truBLEND Primer and I’m going to be using
the one for oily skin. I’m going to apply it with my fingers
because you can really work it into the skin with your
hands and I’m going to put it in my T-zone, which includes
my cheeks, my nose, my forehead, and my chin, just
anywhere where I get oily. But there’s also one for dry skin if
you’re dry and one for combination skin if you’re combination. Just use the one that’s right for you. Next, I’m going to use
my truBLEND Foundation. I put it all over my
face but then you also want to make sure to put
any excess down to your neck because you don’t want to
have a difference in color between your face and your body. Next, I’m going to use my
Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer. And I’m going to start from
the inner corner of my eye and kind of bring it in
this lower under-eye area but not all the way up to
the lash line because I don’t want to brighten too much and
take away the dimension from my eye. Then, I’m going to put a
little just around my nose where I get red and a little on
a blemish that I have on my chin. For this technique,
I used a fluffy brush and I just kind of
patted the product in. And make sure that you spread the
concealer around the blemish, as well, so we don’t have a spot of concealer
to draw more attention to the breakout but we’re blending in
with the rest of the face. I get a little bit of redness
kind of around my eye, like on the inner and outer corner. So I’m going to put a little
bit of concealer there but wherever you feel that
you get redness or darkness, you can concentrate your
concealer there a little bit more. To finish off my face, I’m going to
apply my COVERGIRL truBLEND Powder. And I’m going to put it under
the eyes with the sponge that it comes with and also
over the blemish with the sponge to ensure that my concealer stays put. That’s my foundation
and concealer routine so that I can look
awake and fresh-faced. Click here for more COVERGIRL tutorials.


  1. You did an amazing job. Very beautiful. Can’t wait for your next video. . I am a video creator too and would really appreciate your opinion on my work.

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  3. I can't see anything on her face. Why use her if her skin is already perfect. Use someone you can tell it actually makes a difference on!

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